What Makes the Mobikode Staff Augmentation Service Effective?

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What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is just an outsourcing strategy that is used to staff an outline and respond to business intentions. It involves several staff evaluation processes and concluding which additional facility is required. The definition for staff augmentation found on Google, in simple words, is the process of hiring temporary individuals to help complete a job.

Why go for staff augmentation?

Do you know the price of a poor hire? Losing one individual on a team of ten can result in a lot of productivity loss. It can be a budget buster and detrimental to your overall bottom line. Have you felt the impact of losing a top performer? It takes at least weeks to replace an efficient worker plus additional time to bounce back as fully operational staff. Well, why not hire the right talent the first time!

Mobikode mainly provides IT staff augmentation services in metropolitans like Mumbai and Pune. Let's take a look at the Mobikode staff augmentation process. It's fast and costs you no more than your current agency fees.

Step 1: Access client job requirements

Mobikode analysts work with each company to fully understand the client's overall IT strategies, culture, and job description. They start by determining the client's critical success factor profile for the optimal candidate.

Step 2: Research and Analyze

They research the client's job requirements with skills and compensation comparison software. This process enables one to detect the most precise job description and catalog keywords to help maximize the visibility of the opportunity to qualified candidates.

Step 3: Evaluate, Blend and Enhance description

They combine the client's original job description with industry optimized job descriptions and utilize their industry staffing experience. It helps build an enhanced job description that is ready for posting. The new job description is posted on websites and electronic job boards like Linkedin, Monster, and Career Builder.

Step 4: Job promoted

They promote the position through blog posts, email campaigns, and active social media accounts.

Step 5: Source and Recruit

They actively source candidates from community relations and their technical talent sourcing team screens each candidate to produce an initial list of qualified candidates. Mobikode then conducts interviews and screens more candidates, relative to the client requirement.

Step 6: Client interviews and background screening

Mobikode IT engineers and project leaders test and interview qualified candidates. Since Mobikode is one of the best providers of staff augmentation services, they hire the best. A list of finalists is produced, and the top tier candidates are presented to the clients for further review, interview, and selection. Mobikode verifies work history, conduct supervisorial reference checks, criminal background checks, drug screening, and any final unknown risk.

Mobikode's competent workforce will deliver your company a distinct advantage over your competition. Mobikode's high quality, productive IT professionals can help your firm grow. It's IT staff augmentation services deliver value by ensuring better technical and cultural fit to job requirements and mitigating hiring risks.

Do you know how IT staff augmentation services in India is beneficial? Read here about Top Five Benefits of  Staff Augmentation.

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