Speed up the Hiring Process with the help of it Staff Augmentation Companies in India

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Hiring isn’t a straight cut and obvious process. It has its own intricacies and challenges. But, besides the technical challenges involved in the hiring process, the largest challenge, especially when the project demands an imminent beginning, is that of the time required to hunt and hire the appropriate resources required to complete the project. Almost every IT company today encounters these challenges. But, there isn’t a magic stick that will resolve everything within the blink of an eye. As a company, you need a comprehensive and sure short plan to overcome the hiring challenges, and which comes in the form of staff augmentation. Of course, as an IT HR administrator reading this blog, you must have heard about staff augmentation. But, if you wish to explore its time-saving prowess, this blog will talk about it.

What is Staff Augmentation?

As clients and their projects become more and more demanding, urgent, and all the more technically as well as administratively challenging, finding the right resources, and then handpicking them for the project too have become extremely difficult. But, that isn’t it! Even if companies manage to recruit the right resources, perhaps, those sudden and overnight resignation emails will only contribute to an unpleasant beginning of the day. IT companies, for years, have been combating these situations, and hence the emergence of staff augmentation proved to be a boon to overcome all these concerns!

So, what is staff augmentation? It is the process of hiring external resources, with the required set of technical, strategic, and administrative talent required to complete the project, through IT staff augmentation companies in India. It doesn’t require IT companies to go through the hiring process, as IT staff augmentation companies facilitate the required workforce and that too in the required numbers. Hence, companies have the flexibility to scale up and scale down the resources as and how required across various phases of the project. Also, they are relieved out of the long term employment commitments they might have to make while recruiting permanent resources. However, while talking about all of these benefits though, we can’t forget the time that IT staff augmentation saves for IT companies. How? Let us find it out.

How does IT Staff Augmentation Expedite the Hiring Process?

Imagine you being the HR administrator of a company eyeing a large global project, which is about to hit the floors in a short span of time. Of course, as always, the project will demand something that isn’t readily available with you, and here’s where the exercise begins! So, you will call up a team meeting and brief the requirement to your team, or have it briefed through the concerned managers. Then comes the strategic part, followed by searching resources, either through advertisements, or through job portals, or recruitment agencies, further followed by completing the prescreening process, interviewing them, recruiting them, onboarding, training, and finally bringing them on the work desk!

If you ask yourself honestly, is a short time limit enough for all the aforesaid activities? Practically, it isn’t! Let alone the complexities and time taken to hire people for relatively new or uncommon technology. That’s even more time-consuming. Now, consider yourself working with an agency, for instance, Mobikode, which offers IT staff augmentation in Pune and across many other cities in India. You don’t have to go any of the above processes. You just have to be clear with what you want, set your expectations right, and how early. In addition, you might as well want to scale your involvement in the hiring process, and then leave the rest to the IT staff augmentation agency.

Except for the time involved in the initial discussions, you don’t really have to invest any more time. staffing companies in India, through their nationwide network, and readily available pool of talent or the ready access to a wider skill set across the industry spectrum, help IT Companies onboard resources in a relatively shorter duration, of course, with all the other benefits that we’ve already discussed. So, to sum up, staff augmentation certainly accelerates the hiring process and contributes to in-time commencement of the project.

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